The Acts of the Apostles - Outline

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The Period of Local Evangelism

Preparatory Events

Reintroducing the Lord Jesus Christ, 1:1-3

The divine commission, 1:4-8

The ascension of Christ, 1:9-11

The ten-day wait for the Holy Spirit, 1:12-14

The selection of Matthias, 1:15,16

The descent of the Holy Spirit, 2:1-4

The Ministries

The power for the ministry, 2:1-13

Peter at Pentecost, 2:14-40

Activities of the first local church, 2:41-47

The healing of the lame man, 3:1-11

Peter’s second sermon, 3:12-16

The beginning of trouble, 4:1-4

Peter’s address to the Sanhedrin, 4:5-12

Stephen’s ministry, 7:1-60

Philip and Peter, 8:5-25

Philip’s ministry alone, 8:26-40

Events in the Church

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit, 4:31

Unity and benevolence of the church, 4:32-37

The Ananias and Sapphira incident, 5:1-11

Spiritual power of the church, 5:12-16

The appointment of deacons, 6:1-6

The Spread of the Gospel

Preliminary Events Leading to Worldwide Missions

Philip in Samaria, with Peter and John, 8:5-25

Conversion of Saul, 9:1-30

Persecution of the church, 4:1-3, 17-22; 5:17; 18, 40; 6:8-15; 8:1-3; 9:1

Peter’s vision at Joppa; he goes to the Gentiles, 10:1-43

Gentiles receive Holy Spirit at Caesarea, 10:44 to 11:18

Barnabas’ work sanctioned by the church at Jerusalem, 11:22 ff

Paul and Barnabas build church at Antioch, 11:25,26

Herod’s persecution; death of James; Peter in prison, 12:1-19

Paul’s First Missionary Journey: 13:4 to 14:26

CYPRUS: Salamis – Paul and Barnabas preach in synagogue;

Paphos – Sergius Paulus converted; Elymas the sorcerer; Saul’s name changed to Paul.

PERGA IN PAMPHYLIA – John Mark deserts the apostles

ANTIOCH IN PISIDIA - Paul’s address; The Apostles are rejected by the Jews and turn to the Gentiles; Paul is ill and helped by the Galatians; Persecution

ICONIUM – persecution causes apostles to flee to Lystra.

LYSTRA – Paul heals lame man; people try to deify Paul and Barnabas; Paul’s speech; Paul is stoned.


ANTIOCH IN SYRIA – the apostles stay two years.

The Council at Jerusalem, 15:1-30

Preliminary Meetings: (1) Formal reception of delegates from Antioch; (2) Private interviews of Paul; (3) Public discussions of Titus’ circumcision

The Meeting of the Council: (1) Peter’s speech; (2) Paul and Barnabas report on work with Gentiles; (3) James’ speech; (4) Selection of delegates to the churches; (5) The letter to the churches; (6) Paul and Barnabas approved to go to the Gentiles.

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey, 15:36 to 18:22

ANTIOCH IN SYRIA – Paul and Barnabas disagree over John Mark and separate.

SYRIA AND CILICIA – Paul and Silas working together

DERBE AND LYSTRA– circumcision of Timothy; decrees delivered to the churches.



TROAS – Paul’s vision of the man from Macedonia; Luke joins Paul as companion.




  • First European church founded

  • Paul’s arrival in the city

  • Euodias, Syntyche, Syzygus, Clement

  • Conversion of Lydia

  • The healing of the demon-possessed girl

  • Paul and Silas in prison, the earthquake, salvation of the Philippian jailer

  • Luke remains in Philippi




  • Paul and Silas preach in synagogue

  • Jason is brought before the magistrates.

BEREA – Jews from Thessalonica oppose them, Paul departs by Silas remains.


  • Silas and Timothy sent for

  • Paul disputes with Jews and with Greek philosophers

  • Paul’s speech on Mars Hill.


  • Paul lives with Priscilla and Aquila, works as a tentmaker

  • Philippians send him aid

  • Silas and Timothy return from Macedonia

  • The conversion of Crispus, Gaius, and the household of Stephanus

  • Paul’s vision

  • Paul before Gallio.




JERUSALEM – Paul’s fourth visit.


Paul’s Third Missionary Journey, 18:23 to 21:15



  • Account of Apollos at Ephesus

  • Paul in synagogue and school of Tyrannus

  • His miracle of healing

  • Defeat of the Jewish exorcists

  • Paul visits CORINTH, returns to Ephesus

  • Paul plans to go to Macedonia, Achaia, Jerusalem, and Rome

  • Timothy and Erastus sent to Macedonia; Timothy to continue on to Corinth

  • Paul sends Titus and another believer to Corinth to help believers and begin the collection for the poor in Jerusalem

  • Demetrius the silversmith raises uproar against Paul



  • Timothy joins Paul

  • Titus brings good news from Corinth

  • Paul preaches

  • Macedonians give generously for the relief of Jerusalem believers

  • Timothy is sent back to Corinth with two brethren


GREECE – Paul stays in Greece about three months.


FROM CORINTH TO JERUSALEM via Philippi, Troas, Assos, Mitylene, Chios, Samos, Trogyllium, Miletus, Coos, Rhodes, Patara, Cyprus, Tyre, Ptolemais, Caesarea (Agabus’ prophecy), Jerusalem

Paul in Jerusalem and Caesarea, 21:18 to 26:29

  • He relates his experiences to the church, 21:18-20

  • He takes a Jewish vow to silence suspicion, 21:20-26

  • He is seized by Jews, rescued by Roman soldiers, 21:27-40

  • His defense before the crowd, 22:1-21

  • He asserts Roman citizenship to escape scourging, 22:25-30

  • His appearance before the Sanhedrin, 23:1-10

  • The message from the Lord, 23:11

  • Jewish conspiracy to kill him; he is sent to Caesarea, 23:12-33

  • His defense before Felix, 24:1-21

  • His speech to Felix about faith in Christ, 24:24-46

  • His defense before Festus; his appeal to Caesar, 25:1-12

  • His address before Agrippa, 26:1-19

Paul’s Journey to Rome, 27:1 to 28:31

  • First stage of the voyage, 27:1-13

  • The storm and leadership of Paul, 27:14-36

  • The shipwreck and escape, 27:38-44

  • Paul on Malta, 28:1-10

  • His arrival at Rome and ministry there, 28:16-31